Snow fun in all its facets

Guests of the Wintersport-Arena Sauerland just can’t get enough of snow and ice. And there’s a lot more to do than just skiing or snowboarding. Fans of winter can experience winter sports in all its forms.


Snow kiting

Wind, snow and a vast expanse of open space – this is where snow kiting happens. A large kite and the force of the wind let you race through the landscape or cruise through deep powder on your skis or snowboard, far away from the bustle of the ski runs. Advanced kiters can even defy gravity and do acrobatic jumps high in the air. You can book a course in the Holiday World Winterberg. More info: Tourist Info Winterberg, tel. 02981 9250-0



Relay, sprint, thrilling pursuits and constant changes of position – biathlons are a highlight for many winter sports fans. Show that you’re in great shape during the sprints and then, heart still racing, prove a steady hand at shooting – this trend sport challenges athletes’ stamina and concentration alike, and it never gets boring. The Holiday World Winterberg offers taster courses for everyone – in an original biathlon stadium and under the guidance of a professional trainer. Shooting in combination with cross-country skiing or, alternatively, sled pulling, cycling and much more. And after a good workout you can show off your skills at the shooting stand. More info: Tourist info Winterberg, tel. 02981 9250-0  


Taxi bob

This four-man bobsleigh is the Formula 1 of winter sports – a rush of speed and velocity. Sixty thrilling seconds on 1,600 meters of glassy ice and each fibre in your body is tensed, adrenaline pulses through your veins and your nerves vibrate. A unique experience at the bobsleigh run Winterberg not only for bob athletes. With the Taxi bob, everyone can feel the thrill of the ice channel. More info: Tourist info Winterberg, tel. 02981 9250-0


Ice skating

Glide across the glistening ice and try yourself at a pirouette or two – it’s just part of the winter experience. The ice rink in Willingen offers a prime quality ice surface nearly all year round. The 30 x 60 m rink is perfect for ice skating, curling, figure skating and ice hockey. (hier bitte Link zur Eissporthalle Willingen)