Big and colourful snow playgrounds

Who would have thought it possible? On her third day Lina has already learned to master the course on her own. As she descends the route through Kids Playland, animals and fairy-tale figures line the way. The most difficult part comes at the end, the gate in the second last curve. She masters it with a few wobbles and begins the final descent. Finish line! Lina is thrilled. Skiing has become her favourite hobby over the past days. In the mornings she just can't wait. Up out of bed, into her ski boots and out onto the slopes!

By playing in the enchanted and colourful Kids Playlands, children fearlessly take their first steps on snow. Many of the ski areas in the Wintersports Arena have constructed these little children’s paradises. Often there are also safe and easy-to-use conveyor belt lifts to help the little ones remount after the enthralling experience.


The following resorts feature Kids Playlands:

  • Postwiesen-Skigebiete Neuastenberg (Upper Postwiese)
  • Skiliftkarussell Winterberg (Herrloh)
  • Skigebiet Willingen (multiple areas: practice area Dorfwiese, cabin lift lower station, Ritzhagenlift, and under the Sonnenlift in the Snow & Sun Park)
  • Skikarusselll Altastenberg (conveyor belt lift)
  • Höhenhang Langewiese (conveyor belt lift)
  • Snow World Züschen (conveyor belt lift)
  • Skigebiet Ruhrquelle (no conveyor belt lift)
  • Skigebiet Rimberg (no conveyor belt lift)
  • Skigebiet Schmallenberger Höhe (no conveyor belt lift)
  • Wintersportzentrum Sellinghausen (no conveyor belt lift)