For the sake of sporting fun

Good and polite conduct is just as important for cross-country skiing as it is for all other sports. Walkers, hikers, cross-country skiers – they all love the winter landscape. They all want to enjoy it in their own fashion. To ensure everyone’s fun and avoid accidents, there are some simple guidelines to keep in mind:


  • Respect others and do not put anyone at risk through your own behaviour.
  • Respect the signs and markings and only use the trail in the indicated direction.
  • On a two-lane trail, please always keep to the right-hand lane, just as in road traffic. On free-technique sections, please also keep to the right side of the skating trail.
  • Please move to the right to make way for oncoming skiers. The descending skier has right-of-way.
  • Remember that not all cross-country skiers are necessarily as skilled as you are. Even if you have just picked up speed, please don't endanger beginners in front of you or address them in a rude manner.
  • You can overtake both on the left and the right. The slower skier is not obligated to make way but should do so if there is sufficient space.
  • Please keep your poles close to your body when overtaking to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Regulate your speed based on conditions and skills. Keep sufficient distance to other skiers when descending. Don’t hesitate to throw yourself to the ground if there is immediate danger of a collision.
  • When stopping, it is wise to immediately leave the trail. If you have taken a fall also vacate the trail as fast as possible to avoid collisions.
  • Please offer assistance to skiers who have suffered a fall and administer first aid in case of accidents.
  • Hikers are asked not to walk on the cross-country trails. If you encounter hikers who damage the trail by walking on it, please remind them politely that the trails were carefully groomed for the use by cross-country skiers.
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