Tobogganing is fun – but stay safe!

Young or old – tobogganing is for everyone. You don’t need a course or lots of practice, just hop on and sled down the mountain. Tobogganing is fun – alone or with a group – but safe and considerate conduct is essential when on the slopes. Here are some rules that everyone should be familiar with:

  • Liability
    Be considerate of other people on the slopes and of bystanders. You are responsible for any accidents you cause.
  • Speed
    To avoid accidents regulate your speed and use your brakes prudently. The condition of the track and your personal skills should regulate your speed. Do not overestimate yourself!
  • Distance
    Keep sufficient distance to tobogganers in front of you, and leave enough space for braking manoeuvres.
  • Falls
    If you fall down, please leave the track immediately by moving to the side. Otherwise you are in danger of being overrun by another tobogganer, causing further accidents.
  • Suitable slopes
    Stay on the designated and signposted tobogganing slopes, never use the ski runs, and only use the slopes during the ski area’s hours of operation. Snow tubes are harder to steer than toboggans or sleds. They should only be used on designated snow tubing tracks.
  • Means of ascent
    If no lift is available, please ascent to the left and right side of the track, never on the track itself, to avoid collisions with descending tobogganers! 
  • Closures
    The runs are closed for maintenance work outside the regular hours of operation.
  • Equipment
    You do not need any special equipment to go tobogganing, but bring sturdy footwear with good grip. Warm, water-resistant clothing and gloves are also recommended.
  • Additional safety
    Steerable toboggans offer additional safety, and wooden toboggans should be chosen over plastic ones. Inward-slanted rails, goggles and a helmet make tobogganing extra safe!
  • Risks
    High, uncontrolled speed and wrong estimation of conditions or personal skills are the main causes for tobogganing accidents. Alcohol increases the risk dramatically. Please refrain from excessive alcohol consumption.