Nature is our greatest treasure!

The Wintersport-Arena Sauerland is winter sports central in the German Uplands. While visitors are often astonished by the variety, the comfort and quality of local winter sports, having minimal impact on the environment is of paramount importance. Nature and landscape are the most valuable goods of a region that thrives through its tourism.

Did you know . . . ?

A comparatively good carbon footprint

  • that one day on skis produces less CO2 emissions that a 35-kilometre tour in a Fiat Panda? 
  • that only about two percent of CO2 emissions during a holiday are due to recreational activities? The journey there and transportation on site take up 78 percent, 20 percent are due to accommodation. If you want to actively contribute to climate protection during your holidays try to use climate-friendly means of transport. Driving from the city to a ski area nearby already results in a significantly better carbon footprint than a trip to the Alps or air travel to beach destinations.

Comparatively low energy consumption

  •  that the energy consumption of state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment is far lower than commonly assumed? For a ski run at the Wintersport-Arena Sauerland (approx. 4 hectares = 1 km long, 40 m wide) the snow cannons use on average 37,000 kWh per season.
    In comparison, the yearly consumption of other recreational facilities:
    Public sauna: approx. 350,000 kWh
    Three-star hotel with 50 beds: approx. 650,000 kWh
    Ice rink: approx. 2,600,000 kWh
    Indoor pool: approx. 2,100,000 kWh

Use of clean energy

  • that the Remmeswiese in Winterberg now houses a photovoltaic power plant that year-round produces a greater part of the energy needed for the snowmaking in the Winterberg ski area during the season? Tourism experts conceived the project especially for this purpose and financed the construction through a citizen energy cooperative. The energy used for snowmaking is meant to be increasingly derived from renewable energies in the years to come.  

Use public transport – partly free of charge

  • that the Wintersport-Arena Sauerland has created several opportunities for their guests to actively contribute to protecting the climate? The Winterberg Ski Express and the SauerlandCard, which enables visitors to use public transport free of charge, are incentives to leave the car at home.